Seen and heard this week

28 November 2017 | General News
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Seen and heard this week is a weekly column highlighting thought leadership from the NUS community

Following recent public transport incidents, Associate Professor Lawrence Loh, Director of the Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations at NUS Business School wrote an opinion piece in TODAY on 23 November, noting that while engineering and technical resolutions will help restore confidence in the MRT system, another element critical in confidence rebuilding is in accurate and timely communication.  

Dr Gregor Lange, Senior Lecturer from NUS Psychology, debunked the common misconception that multitasking improves lives. Read more about how multitasking kills productivity, as well as Dr Lange’s tips to optimising your focus and “get more done by single tasking” in this Channel NewsAsia Online commentary on 23 November.

On 24 November, Asian Scientist featured an interview with Associate Professor Matthew Chang from NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, who is also Director of the Synthetic Biology for Clinical and Technological Innovation programme at NUS. Read the interview here, as Assoc Prof Chang shared about his work at the interface of biology and engineering and how his team is “reprogramming cells to perform new, useful biological functions to understand life and solve challenges in our society”.

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