16 August 2017 | Education, Research

Prof Chua Beng Huat, Provost Chair Professor from the Dept of Sociology at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, has launched a new book titled Liberalism Disavowed: Communitarianism and State Capitalism in Singapore.

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15 August 2017 | General News

Prof Zheng Yongnian, Director of the East Asian Institute at NUS outlined the evolution of social class structure in China over the years, from the class struggles during the era of Mao Zedong to the present day. Prof Zheng noted that unlike during the Cultural Revolution where social class in China was defined by political factors, it is now being determined by economic means, such as through the allocation of resources by the government.

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13 August 2017 | Community, General News

NUS students have raised more than $400,000 through the NUS Students’ Union NUSSU Rag and Flag 2017. The funds raised will go towards 21 charity programmes supported by Community Chest.

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13 August 2017 | General News

Assoc Prof Ruth Tan and Dr Zhang Weina, Senior Lecturer and Research Director of Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy, both from the Dept of Finance at NUS Business School, explained what portfolio rebalancing refers to and why it is important.

The Sunday Times

11 August 2017 | General News

Prof Oliver Li Zhen from the Dept of Accounting and Director of the China Business School at NUS Business School cited a study by NUS Business School and Nanjing University on whether the focus on poetry during the Tang Dynasty as a test of a candidate’s character might account for the dynasty’s unprecedented power and prosperity. The study found a strong positive link between quality of poetry and an individual’s ethics.

The Straits Times

11 August 2017 | General News

Asst Prof Vincent Pang Junxiong, Director of the Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Research and Adjunct Associate Professor Lim Poh Lian from the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health opined that while it may prove impossible to eradicate dengue in Singapore, we have been able to sustain relatively low infection rates on a number of occasions, and recently, likely due to Zika control. They highlighted that low rates of infection might ironically result in a build-up of a non-immune population against dengue, which provides fertile ground for a larger outbreak in the future.


11 August 2017 | Education

Prof Teo Yik Ying, known internationally for his research in biostatistics, population genomics and genetic epidemiology, will succeed Prof Chia Kee Seng as the next Dean of the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, with effect from 1 January 2018.

Channel 8 News Online, 938LIVE, The Straits Times

11 August 2017 | Community, General News

Dr Tan Lai Yong, Director for Outreach & Community Engagement at the College of Alice & Peter Tan at NUS, was one of five pioneer “Giraffe Heroes” who were commended by the Central Singapore CDC for serving the community.

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10 August 2017 | Education, Research, Community, Entrepreneurship, General News

Assoc Prof Sing Tien Foo, Director of the Institute of Real Estate Studies at NUS discussed the rise of the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) market in Asia and shared the findings of a study that he conducted jointly with Asst Prof Seah Kiat Ying from the Dept of Real Estate at NUS School of Design and Environment, PhD student Wang Long and James D Shilling from DePaul University.

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09 August 2017 | Community

Members of the NUS community were among the 4,323 individuals who received the National Day awards in recognition of their contributions to public service. Mr Phillip Tan Eng Seong, a member of NUS Board of Trustees and Director of EQ Insurance Company Ltd, has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. Prof Heng Chye Kiang from the Dept of Architecture at NUS School of Design and Environment has been conferred the Public Service Star. The Public Administration Medal (Gold) was awarded to Mr Janadas Devan, Director of the Institute of Policy Studies at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS.

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