24 September 2018 | Education

Alt+Law, an interest group formed by NUS Law students collaborated with WongPartnership LLP to organise the first ever LegalTech competition, Code for a Cause. Teams were required to develop a legal technology platform or solution that can help one or more groups of beneficiaries of the Pro Bono Group, a student-run organisation dedicated to the promotion of pro bono among law students at NUS Faculty of Law.

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24 September 2018 | General News, Education

Adjunct Research Prof Chou Loke Ming from the Tropical Marine Science Institute of NUS is one of six scientists from Asia whose stories are told in the Asian Scientist Junior Book Series which was launched on 23 September 2018. Prof Chou, who has made saving the corals his life’s passion, is also the only Singaporean scientist to be featured in the series.

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23 September 2018 | General News

Assoc Prof Sing Tien Foo and Ms Namita Dinesh, Director and Research Assistant respectively, of the Institute of Real Estate and Urban Studies at NUS, opined that overcoming the horror scenario of ghost towns emerging and of entire towns becoming mass housing construction pits is the key challenge for the Government.

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21 September 2018 | Research

NUS and the Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Administrative Committee signed a strategic framework agreement to jointly establish the NUS (Chongqing) Research Institute, also known as NUSRI@CQ.

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20 September 2018 | Research

Researchers from the Department of Pharmacy at NUS Faculty of Science have developed a novel hydrogel that mimics the surface of a human liver. The hydrogel recreates a surface environment that is more like a normal liver, tricking stem cells into believing that they are touching liver cells and enabling them to replicate into liver-like cells. The liver like cells grown using this method resemble actual liver cells more closely than conventional method, and are less likely to be rejected by the human body.

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20 September 2018 | Education

Prof Chew Cheng Hai from the Dept of Chinese Studies at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences discussed the state of Chinese language teaching in Singapore and suggested ways on how it can be improved. One suggestion was for the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language to work more closely with the Chinese departments of NUS, NTU and NIE and come up with recommendations on how to nurture high level Chinese language talents in Singapore.

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19 September 2018 | General News

Assoc Prof Simon Tay from NUS Faculty of Law, who is Chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, and Ms Lau Xin Yi a Senior Policy Research Analyst (Sustainability) from the same institute, provided insights on Asean’s need to reassess their social and environmental costs, amid the increasing demand for better infrastructure and connectivity, as the region moves towards greater economic integration.

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19 September 2018 | General News

NUS Business School students Oh Poh Tin, Soh Qi Min and Winnie Tan Chee Ying examined early childhood education provider MindChamps’ efforts in formulating educational strategies to fill gaps, based on research that they have conducted, that have been occurring in education systems globally.

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19 September 2018 | General News

Assoc Prof Mak Yuen Teen from the Dept of Accounting at NUS Business School and Mr Chew Yi Hong, an active investor and a researcher in corporate governance, explored the difficulties faced by independent directors who serve as important checks and balance in companies perceived as independent.

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18 September 2018 | Research

A team of researchers from NUS Biomedical Institute for Global Health Research and Technology (BIGHEART) has developed a new portable test kit – called enVision - that is able to screen for multiple diseases in less than an hour, and for under S$1.

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