03 June 2015 | Research

Assoc Prof Koh Hwee Ling from NUS Dept of Pharmacy urged that it is important to eat a balanced diet that includes a variety of food. She also cautioned that many of the purported benefits of taking certain single foods have not been clinically proven in humans, and hence one should consume everything in moderation until more is known about the effects.

02 June 2015 | General News

Former Chief Justice of Singapore Mr Chan Sek Keong and business leader Mr Stephen Lee Ching Yen have been appointed as the University's new Pro-Chancellors. They join Mr Ngiam Tong Dow, Dr Cheong Siew Keong and Mr Po'ad Mattar in the University's Chancellery, which is headed by Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam, NUS Chancellor and President of Singapore.

02 June 2015 | Research, General News

Prof Low Sui Pheng, from the Dept of Building at the NUS School of Design and Environment, and Director, Centre for Project Management and Construction Law at NUS, highlighted that measuring construction productivity is not a straightforward task and suggested that it is more meaningful to look at site productivity by floor area per man-hour in a project.

02 June 2015 | Research

A team of experts from NUS led by Associate Professor Karina Gin from the NUS Faculty of Engineering is working with national water agency PUB to conduct a five-year study to understand better the different types of the cynobacteria algae in fresh water and the conditions that cause them to multiply.

02 June 2015 | Research, Community

The new Duke-NUS Centre for Ageing, Research and Education (Care) will look at how social dimensions interact with medical conditions to affect ageing. The new centre will focus on four themes: Social integration and health; resilience; caregiving and the family; and work, lifelong learning and social engagement.

02 June 2015 | General News

Prof Zheng Yongnian, Director of the East Asian Institute at NUS, discussed China's foreign policy which has strategically shifted to focus on countries to its west.

01 June 2015 | Research, Community

Dr Mathew Mathews from the Institute of Policy Studies at NUS discussed about the transformations in Singapore's family structure, and noted that based on several nationally representative surveys over the years, there is good reason to believe that families in Singapore are strong.

01 June 2015 | General News

Prof Wang Gungwu, Chairman of the East Asian Institute at NUS, discussed how Singapore will fare, as a majority Chinese society in the region, with a China expected to be more assertive in the future.

01 June 2015 | Research

Assoc Prof Li Daiqin from the Dept of Biological Sciences at NUS Faculty of Science found that liphistiid spiders are the only living descendants of an ancient group of spiders, some of which became extinct about 295 million years ago. The findings could help scientists locate other fossils along hypothesised travel routes, which will help in their understanding of the dispersal routes taken by the spiders from Euramerica to Asia.

01 June 2015 | General News

Experts at the 23rd Singapore Economic Roundtable noted that productivity gains should be achieved by enhancing skillsets and driving entrepreneurship, not just among workers but at higher levels of management. The roundtable was jointly organised by the Institute of Policy Studies at NUS and The Business Times.