23 June 2015 | Education

A team from the NUS Faculty of Law has won the inaugural Herbert Smith Freehills Competition Law Moot. Team member Lisa Tan was awarded the Best Oralist prize, while the other two members, Jeremiah Lau and Benjamin Wong, finished as runner-ups alongside two other participants.

23 June 2015 | Research

A research team led by Assistant Professor Qiu Cheng-Wei from NUS Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering has developed a method that enhances the storing of vital data through the use of an 'ultra-capacity nano-photon sieve'. The technology can potentially prevent counterfeits in currencies, documents, credit cards and even forging of identity cards.

23 June 2015 | General News

Prof Zheng Yongnian, Director of the East Asian Institute at NUS, on three types of non-state forces which can direct or indirectly influence geopolitical order.

23 June 2015 | Education

Out of more than 8,500 applicants, 198 exceptional students from around the world will form the Class of 2019 at Yale-NUS College, keeping the College on track with its plans to grow its class size to 250 students over the next few years.

22 June 2015 | Research

Experts from NUS, the National Parks Board (NParks), Wildlife Reserves Singapore and the International Union for Conservation of Nature have put in place a conservation plan to help save the Singapore freshwater crab from extinction. The effort is likely to be the first of its kind in the world for an invertebrate species.

21 June 2015 | Research

Researchers from the Keppel-NUS Corporate Laboratory have carried out seabed exploration work which will help in assessing the impact of deep-sea mining on marine life. This research is part of a contract that the Ocean Mineral Singapore has secured with the International Seabed Authority that will allow Singapore to explore how metal-rick rocks can be harvested from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

21 June 2015 | Education, General News

NUS industrial design student Mr Lim Yong Kang clinched top prize of the 'Product Concept Design Award Faucet' category at the American Standard Design Competition for his invention of a double outlet water tap.

20 June 2015 | Education, General News

WateRoam, a social enterprise set up by NUS students, Mr Lim Chong Tee, Mr Vincent Loka and Mr Pooi Ching Kwek, and NUS alumni, Mr David Pong, offers a portable water filtration system called Fieldtrate Lite, which filters dirty water through a membrane and turns it into potable water in the same time it would take to run it from the tap.

19 June 2015 | General News

Dr Carol Soon from the Institute of Policy Studies at NUS discussed how social media has transformed government-citizen and politician-voter interaction, and opined that in the long run, dialogic communication on social media can help legitimise government decisions, promote a co-sharing of the ownership for shaping policies and increase citizen trust.

19 June 2015 | Research, General News

Assoc Prof Chan Mun Choon from the NUS School of Computing discussed the concept of the Internet of Things and highlighted some interesting applications developed by his research group that could be employed in smartphones. These include an application that performs conversation clustering and builds conversation networks automatically, and another which automatically detects whether the user is idle, waiting for a vehicle or travelling in one.