11 December 2017 | General News

Assoc Prof Lee Chee Hiang from the Dept of Chinese Studies at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has authored a book on charitable organisations started by the Teochew community in Singapore. The book presented new research findings on the development of such charitable organisations, the folk beliefs and customs of the Teochew community, and the early Singapore immigrant society and charity activities.

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10 December 2017 | Community, General News

To help schools which do not have established or well-structured alumni associations, Yale-NUS College students, Mr Daniel Ng and Mr Cephas Tan, came up with Youth-In-Form, a platform that connects students with alumni who can advise them on higher education and career options.

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09 December 2017 | General News

Dr Ker Sin Tze, Adjunct Prof at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS, discussed the Southbound Policy – the Taiwanese government’s way to weaken the tide of enthusiasm for China by urging its businessmen to shift their investments to other areas such as South-east Asia.

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09 December 2017 | Research

The Viral Research and Experimental Medicine Centre, a new academic research facility opened at the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre located at the Singapore General Hospital campus. It aims to accelerate drug and vaccine development for infectious diseases.

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08 December 2017 | General News

Dr Victor Kattan, Senior Research Fellow from the Middle East Institute at NUS noted that US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has ignited a firestorm of protests around the world and discussed the likely impact on the region and beyond.

The Straits Times

08 December 2017 | General News

Assoc Prof Mak Yuen Teen from the Dept of Accounting at NUS Business School noted the events that have transpired after Datapulse Technology convened an extraordinary general meeting to seek shareholders’ approval to dispose of its property in Tai Seng Drive. He highlighted the questions that Datapulse Technology would need to address and added that regulators should review the company’s disclosures and transactions for compliance with listing rules and securities regulations.

The Business Times

07 December 2017 | Research

A team of researchers, led by Dr Sudhakar Jha, Principal Investigator at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore at NUS, has discovered a novel molecular pathway that paves the way for the development of new therapeutic strategies that could impede the spread of virus-induced cancers.

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07 December 2017 | General News

The nursing profession is seeing a growing pool of men choosing to pursue nursing as a career, although it is by and large dominated by women. The proportion of male students at the NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies’ nursing degree course has increased to 16 per cent in 2016, from about 10 per cent in 2015.

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07 December 2017 | General News

Dr Adrian W J Kuah, Head of Case Study Unit at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS noted that the level of trust in society emerges from being continually tested by inquiry and critique, by checks and balances. Distrust, on the other hand, if exercised in good faith and in small doses, is instrumental in keeping politics honest and positive. Dr Kuah opined that the challenge for us is to keep distrust at a healthy level so that it can elevate the level of political discourse rather than wreck it.


07 December 2017 | General News

At his lectures, Institute of Public Policy’s S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore, Mr Peter Ho, spoke of the need for governments to be prepared for unexpected trends or events. He also gave his take on how governance evolved with the times, and said that the Government must learn to listen more to the people.

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