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20 March 2019 | Insights

Why people underestimate the impact of climate change

NUS' Professor Kok Kwang Phoon and Dr Olivia Jensen from the Lloyd's Register Foundation Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk used big data and rigorous evaluation to explain why public perception to the risk of climate change is often misjudged.

12 March 2019 | Impact

Mushrooms may reduce risk of cognitive decline

NUS researchers found seniors who ate more than 300 grams of cooked mushrooms a week were half as likely to have mild cognitive impairment

08 March 2019 | Innovators

Bridging the divide in pursuit of innovation

Three innovators from the field of biomedical research — BIGHEART Principal Investigators Asst Prof Shao Huilin, Asst Prof Catherine Ong and Asst Prof Toh Yi-Chin — shared their work and influence, and on a more personal note, the challenges faced by women in the scientific field.

05 March 2019 | Insights

Small satellites, big future

While the number of orbiting satellites continues to grow, their relative size and weight has begun to shrink in recent years. Professor Low Kay Soon from the NUS Satellite Technology and Research Centre (STAR) gave his insights on the miniaturisation of modern satellites and their utility in the digital age.

28 February 2019 | Insights

The Smart City of the Future is being built at NUS

NUS has been a driving force behind smart city innovations, with several of the institution’s researchers leading the way on key technological advances, bolstering Singapore’s international standing and adding important insights to the global dialogue about smart cities, artificial intelligence and privacy. 

13 February 2019 | Impact

Toxic bacteria found on microplastics in S'pore

Researchers from the NUS Tropical Marine Science Institute have found toxic bacteria on microplastics — pieces of plastic smaller than 5mm — collected from the coastal areas of Singapore in a first-of-its-kind study. 

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