07 April 2020 | Research

Scientists from NUS and SMU have developed a crowd mapping technology to help indicate crowds across the country, to stem the transmission of COVID-19. The Singapore Spacer will be able to provide a bird’s eye view of Singapore and show colour-coded crowd density levels in different places, thus complementing safe distancing measures to curb the community spread of COVID-19.

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06 April 2020 | General News

Mr Bilahari Kausikan, Chairman of the Middle East Institute at NUS opined that the coronavirus pandemic will cause economic disruptions that may lead countries to turn inward, but the fundamental world order of asymmetrical multipolarity won’t change.

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06 April 2020 | Community, General News

Asst Prof Rahul Malhotra, Head of Research at the Centre for Ageing Research and Education at Duke-NUS Medical School stressed that ensuring older people having smart devices and access to the Internet, as well as the ability to use them can alleviate the loneliness felt from social distancing.

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05 April 2020 | General News

Assoc Prof Charles Shi from the Depts of Accounting and Finance at the NUS Business School, discussed five key things one would need to know about investing in gold, as its demand rises amidst the onset of a global recession, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the oil market collapse.

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04 April 2020 | General News

Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar, from the Dept of Strategy and Policy at the NUS Business School, shared his views on how the COVID-19 pandemic will fundamentally alter the economics of the airline industry and how Singapore Airlines could protect itself against a similar situation in the future.

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03 April 2020 | General News

Assoc Prof Nomi Claire Lazar, Assoc Dean of Faculty at Yale-NUS College, opined that in a crisis, social trust is critical to compliance – how one acts in challenging times depends partly on how one expects others to act. She said that this is a momentous juncture, where all governments face an opportunity to engage and build trust with and among their citizens.

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03 April 2020 | General News

Assoc Prof Mak Yuen Teen from the Dept of Accounting at NUS Business School discussed the questionable transactions that Tee International has been investigated for. With key figures still holding key posts, Assoc Prof Mak said, issues of internal control and risk management remain.

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03 April 2020 | Research

A research study jointly conducted by the Ministry of Health, National Centre for Infectious Diseases and Duke-NUS Medical School showed that among 157 COVID-19 cases, 10 people do not show symptoms of infection, which is 6.4 per cent of the 157 cases. To effectively eliminate the virus, it is important to keep to the safe distancing measures, whether one is infected or not.

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03 April 2020 | General News

Dr Chen Gang, Senior Research Fellow and Assistant Director of Policy Research at the East Asian Institute at NUS commented that the COVID-19 outbreak in China, social distancing, lockdown and other measures should not hinder cooperation between countries.

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02 April 2020 | General News

NUS and IBM have embarked on a three-year collaboration to find ways to use quantum computing to solve real-world problems and train quantum scientists. The first of its kind in Southeast Asia, the collaboration gives NUS researchers access to 15 of IBM’s powerful quantum computing systems via a cloud service.

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